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Soft Play Kids Cafe

Rules Of Play

To ensure Logan's Den remains a happy and enjoyable place for everyone, we must ask that the rules of play be adhered to at all times.

These rules are in no particular order, and are for the protection of the children playing, so if it is felt that they are being deliberately ignored rulebreakers may be asked to leave the play frame or the premises.

Logan's Den cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries caused though misuse of the play equipment or failure to comply with the rules listed below.

> Parents or guardians MUST supervise children at all times.
> Inappropriate language and bullying will not be tolerated.
> No food, drinks, chewing gum or sweets are permitted in either of the play areas.
> Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building or directly in front of the main entrance.
> Logan's Den accepts no liability for any loss or damage to your property while on the premises.
> Please report any accidents, spillages or damage noted to a member of staff immediately.
> The giant inflatable balls are not to be put down the slide as they may cause a blockage.
> Hard toys from the baby area are not to be taken into the play frame area.

Clothing restrictions:
> Shoes must be removed before children enter the play areas.
> Socks must be worn before children enter the play areas.
>We would advise that children should wear clothes that cover arms and legs, as friction burns can occur from use of the slides.
> Jewellery, belts, watches, glasses and other sharp objects must be removed before entering either play areas.

Age restrictions:
> Children over the age of two years old are not permitted in the baby/toddler area.
> Children over the age of nine years old are not permitted to play in the play frame.
> Younger children are permitted in the play frame at the parent or guardians discretion.
> Only children are permitted to use the play frame slide.

By paying the entrance fee you are agreeing to comply with these rules of play.